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English Legal Curriculum

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The English Legal Curriculum is wide-ranging and still expanding. The courses vary in their format and orientation, but all have in common the English language and legal context despite the differing subject matter.  There are the opportunities to immerse oneself in domestic jurisdictions as well as examine international legal orders.

The curriculum consists of the following four pillars:

 1. African Legal Studies

The University of Bayreuth is a hub for the scientific study of questions concerning Africa. The existence of the Chair of African Legal Studies at Bayreuth, a unique first amongst all law schools in Germany, reflects the special focus of the University on the region and enables a specialisation on the legal systems of Africa and law in Africa. The offer of courses is diverse in terms of content and jurisdictional base. However, there is a focus on human rights issues, constitutionalism and sustainability governance.

2. English Common Law

The common law of England and Wales is one of the most influential legal systems globally. It is a key element in the basic system of laws operating within many English-speaking countries and is largely based on body of law derived from judicial decisions of tribunals. The English Legal Curriculum provides a detailed account of the key concepts and methods of the English common law and the influence of its methods across the world. It thereby examines the system of judicial precedent and judge made law beyond the legal jurisdiction of England and Wales.

 3. Further Courses

These courses are a mixture of lectures on aspects of German law as well as other non-common law courses that are taught in English. Recent courses have included Introduction to German Law, Ways of Reading the US Constitution and International Environmental Law. The Faculty of Law, Business and Economics regularly invites guest professors from all over the world to teach block courses on topics such as these and more.

4. English for Lawyers

The Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum) of the University offers a wide range of courses specially designed for lawyers. The aims of the courses range from enhancing legal reading comprehension skills and developing a wider legal vocabulary base, as well as introducing the English legal system, preparing case briefs and developing both oral and written mooting skills. Parts of the range of courses mandatory and some constitute the basis for applications to undertake a study program in an English speaking country.

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