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English Legal Curriculum

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Regardless of where one undertakes their basic legal training and the field they end up practising in, it is now a fact that the practice of law is now truly global. The ability of a lawyer to have a competent perspective about foreign legal systems is therefore a crucial asset. In an increasingly globalised world, here at Bayreuth, we have prioritised the acquisition of legal skills that make our students more adaptable through a tailored academic programme. The Faculty of Law, Business and Economics is therefore proud to present the English Legal Curriculum as part of our University’s internationalisation efforts.

The English Legal Curriculum consists of both mandatory as well optional courses, all of which are geared towards enhancing our students’ knowledge and skills in complementary legal systems. The optional elements allow a degree of customisation to suit personal goals. Additionally, the University offers a wide range of possibilities to gain international experiences abroad:  https://www.jura.uni-bayreuth.de/de/auslandsstudium/index.html

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